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All of our dogs have wonderful personalities and temperaments. Their wonderful personalities are seen in their puppies.
Our dogs are all like children to us.  They live with us in our homes and  they are well socialized with people, children, and other dogs.



Paddy is an AKC Registered Poodle. He enjoys cuddling with his family and playing with his doodle friends. He passed his beautiful black and white markings to the puppies in his last litter of doodles.


Delilah is an F1 sheepadoodle. She is a loved family member and has a wonderful temperament.She is calm and gentle with children, intelligent and easy to train.Delilah is affectionate, playful. enjoys swimming and hanging out at the barn.
She has had one beautiful litter of F1b sheepadoodle puppies and was a fantastic mom!



 Willa Jean is a F1 Sheepadoodle. She is a happy go lucky sort of gal. Whether it be dining at the Pearl or hanging with her friends and family at the ranch; she has a good time. Her black and white markings make her a classic sheepadoodle. She has inherited the intelligence of her Standard Poodle Mom and the loving demeanor of her Old English Sheep Dog Dad.



Bonnie Blue is the newest member of our pack. She is an AKC registered  Old English Sheepdog. She enjoys playing with her furry friends and is a wonderful addition to our clan.

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